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Could Bank Fraud Be Prevalent In Your Loan? Bloomberg Securitization Audit

In September of 2011, the U.S. Government’s Federal Housing Finance Committee began a lawsuit against the 17 largest banks for fraudulent practices. Was your loan with one of the 17 largest banks???

All 50 Attorneys General began a lawsuit for Faulty Paperwork Bank Fraud. Was your loan in one of the States???

Attorney Generals SAY NO to Blanket Immunity for Bank Fraud. This leaves the door open for you.

Are you part of the 99%?

60 Minutes on Robo Signing Bank Fraud: Do you know if your docs were properly signed by your lender???

Estimates revealed over 90% of Foreclosures used forged or fraudulent documents…

We are currently offering the tools to help all homeowners fight bank fraud using quiet title.

  • If you have lost your home
  • If you are in foreclosure
  • If you are behind in payments (possibly trying to work a loan remodification.)
  • If you are current on payments, but your loan is more than your house is worth
  • If you want to fight back, and bring the banks to their knees

This Program is for all homeowners. Start the bank fraud audit process today.


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